Living By The Sea
• As any home or place can harbor past events and feelings, this renovation clears the way for new horizons in sight and mind.

• Living by the Sea invites tranquility and serenity with its openness and natural ventilation, invoking the Pacific Ocean sea breeze and its vastness.

• An open atrium at the center of the home lures light and air throughout the building, while motivating activities and interactions to be indoors.

• The kitchen, powder room, living room, dining room and balconies have a mirror on one side and an opening on the other, giving a feeling of infinity on both sides and applying the technique of trompe l’oeil.

• The glass wall behind the kitchen reflects the beautiful ocean while the first floor ceramic tiles and GRASSsit chairs suggest the outdoor elements to be indoors.

• The second floor master bedroom and bath, guest room, laundry and full bath embrace an open TV/office room, the same atrium to give natural ventilation and a Zen atmosphere to the spaces.

• The home incorporates LED lighting and radiant floor heating for cost efficiency.

• There are no paint, no carpets nor forced air in the remodel process.

• The remodel wished to apply sustainable construction and techniques without sacrificing design and aesthetic goals. It is where walnut and maple help to warm and unify the rooms. It is where periwinkle, the client’s favorite color, is highlighted in the kitchen backsplash and recycled glass countertops. It is where the client can reminisce about the old times but also create new ones.

• Living by the Sea is simplistic eco-conscious design focused on functionality but also mindful satisfaction.