Leone Living
• 3bedroom/3bath house in Santa Monica California.

• Simplistic eco-conscious design that is focused on functionality and creating a breathing family environment.

• The house is oriented on the site for optimum advantage of natural light and cross ventilation.

• Maximum use of natural light to cut down electrical cost.

• Conscious effort in using only materials in their most organic form.

• No use of chemicals, carpets, tiles or paint.

• Exterior panels contain 30% recycled materials.

• 9’ x 16’ Single hung window, balanced with steel weight, maximizing indoor/outdoor living.

• Floor material connected in an unobtrusive manner to increase floor plan flow and space.

• Design and use of color inspired by dramatic landscape to create contrasting stimulating interior.
The red (volcanic) kitchen island creates a multi-functional gathering point in the heart of the house.
The rubber staircase combines elements of strength and infinity.

• Windowsill in living room made of steel creates an additional seating area with magnetic cushions that can be rearranged to ones needs.

• Front skylight to create natural light in kitchen.

• Entry courtyard to create privacy from busy street.

• Material manufactured from recycled tires is used on kitchen cabinetry and kitchen chairs, creating an elegant kitchen unaffected by normal wear and tear of family life.

• LED light design in I structural beam in order to make indoor use of structure and create ambiance.

• Bookshelf functions as railings/barriers between floor plans.

• Headboard in master bedroom is cladded with the flooring material to give unobtrusive feel of space.

• Outdoor sleeping area for healthy living.