· 1940’s Spanish style house converted into a simplistic eco-conscious design that is focused on functionality and creating a breathing family environment.

· Added visual square footage by taking down interior walls and by opening exterior walls to balconies to create one open space.

· The house was remodeled to better take advantage of natural light and winds.

· Maximum use of natural light to cut down electrical cost.

· Skylight at bathroom in the middle of the house extends 4’ above roofline and spans the ceiling, resulting in transparency and sense of vertical infinity.

· Conscious effort in using only materials in their most organic form.

· No use of chemicals, carpets, tiles or paint.

· Radiant floor heating for the environment.

· Exterior Portland cement panels contain 30% recycled materials and fibers. This light material was easy to handle and carry uphill during construction.

· Part of interior flooring made of panels contain 30% recycled materials and connected in an unobtrusive manner to increase floor plan flow and space.

· Headboard in master bedroom echoes kitchen island and operates as storage for clothing.

· Outdoor sleeping area for healthy living.

· Bathing becomes an outdoor activity in master bathroom, with the replacement of a wall for a glass door that opens to courtyard.

· Decks added outside living room and master bedroom for exterior living.