This apartment utilizes simplistic eco-conscious design, focused on functionality and a conscious effort in using materials in their most organic form.

The design and use of color is inspired by the dramatic Icelandic landscape to create contrasting stimulating interiors. The yellow glass back splash contrasts the blue sky seen through the expansive windows. The ocean-facing doors allow fresh air to circulate while maximizing natural light in the living space.

The eat-in kitchen island creates a multi-functional gathering point in the heart of the home. Meanwhile, the hidden wine cellar, seamlessly integrated into the walnut cabinets, dramatically transforms the space in a versatile and efficient manner, attesting to minimalism aesthetic. The use of natural oak flooring throughout the apartment unifies the space and invites tranquility and serenity with its openness.

The minimal and highly functional design lets the natural materials speak for themselves. The oak floor seamlessly stacks up the bathroom wall. While the use of pebble stones surrounding the master soaking tub attests to the conscious effort to use materials in their most organic form. This simplistic eco-conscious design focuses on a highly functional and tranquil environment.