Pheonix (Nagle)

Minarc’s Nagle residence is gracefully situated in sunny Studio City, Los Angeles. The design team has created a beautiful sanctuary within the home through personalized art pieces, artful indoor plants, and Buddhist shrines. The residence offers a soft balance of space and function with large windows for cross ventilation and strategic lighting. Minarc firmly believes in the power of natural light and a living interior in lifting one’s spirit and the Nagle residence is no exception.

Vic Anderson originally contacted Minarc to help him and his wife, Nanea Reeves, build a new home. Vic was a beautiful soul. He left an impact on so many people including the girls attending the school he created in Tibet and the children in the orphanage in Vietnam which he helped build. The design team was devastated to hear of his passing in 2015. Three months after his passing, the home which we designed, tragically burned down. As we look up to the couple with such inspiration, we were honored to have been asked to build Nanea’s new home, the Nagle residence.

The beautifully simplistic facade offers an inviting entrance through an artistic gate made with a balance of cement and dark wood. Welcomed by a cozy front patio with sustainable plants and landscape design, you enter through the expansive front door. The kitchen is spacious and clean with a theme of white and light wood, contrasting the dining area filled with a vast variety of personal works of art.

The powder room includes one of two personalized artworks from Minarc owner, Erla Dogg Ingjaldsdottir. This one is a beautiful black sand wall with accents of moss, inspired by the similarities of Icelandic and Hawaiian nature. The other is located under the staircase and is a memorial to Vic Anderson. This art piece is taken directly from a wall Vic had painted which was destroyed along with the house. The piece represents a small blue wave on a sparkling black sand beach, offering new beginnings while remembering the beautiful past. Ascending the artful staircase, is a light around an intentionally placed lava rock, leading to the bright master bedroom.